We, ICRAFT, put the highest priority value of the company in the customer impression with the customer.

The Internet environment of Korea has evolved well for a short period of time. The Internet world in which we live is becoming everyone’s life and benefits, and henceforward an important asset that will lead our future.

And at the heart of the internet evolution, there is us, ICRAFT, who open up the world of ubiquitous networks. Since its founding, ICRAFT has developed along with the growth of the high-speed Internet age in Korea and has grown into the next generation leader in the ubiquitous networking world.

Along with the development of various technologies such as IP-TV, Wibro, BcN, and home networking, we will be equipped with the best technology as a global network company that completes the next generation IT technology power. We will do our utmost to ensure that everyone in the Republic of Korea enjoys the benefits of advanced infrastructure through the development of high-speed Internet infrastructure, the fostering of next- generation core technologies, and the global network leading to ubiquitous and convergence environments.

In addition, we will strive to continue to grow and be loved by our shareholders by fulfilling our role as a trusted and respected company by fulfilling our social responsibility as a KOSDAQ-listed company.