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The concept of talent

"We create a dynamic corporate culture with passionate enthusiasm and support the motivation and ability of our members."
  • Those whose achievements lead to financial performance
  • A person who keeps the principles
  • A person who leads innovation through flexible thinking
  • A person who learns and grows on one’s own
  • A person who challenges one’s goal
  • A person who can reproduce talents of professional competence

Principle of Talent

ICRAFT operates systems that promote achievement and cultivate talent through treatment and compensation based on ability and performance.

  • - Respect for individual creativity and autonomy
  • - Equitable Opportunity
  • - Competency-based resource management
  • - Discrimination compensation based on evaluation result

Fringe Benefit

Medical and Health Detection image Medical and Health Detection
Leisure activity image Leisure activity
Vacation and Leave of Absence image Vacation and Leave of Absence

Medical and Health Detection

  • 4 insurance

    • - Health Insurance
    • - National Pension
    • - Employment Insurance
    • - Industrial accident Insurance

    Group accident insurance

    Injury / Disease, Death, Disability 100 million won
    Cancer diagnosis 20 million won
    Overwork and specific diseases 30 million won
    Accident medical expenses 2 million won limit

    Comprehensive health checkup

    • - Comprehensive medical examination for all employees

Leisure activities

  • In-house library

    • - Operate in-house library

    In-house club

    • - In-house club operation

Vacation and Leave of Absence

  • Vacation

    • - Annual paid vacation
    • - Maternity leave
    • - Health leave
    • - Sick leave
    • - Composition Vacations / Celebration Vacations, Relaxation Vacations
    • - Official vacation
  • Leave

    Occupational disease Designation of compensation for industrial accidents
    Out-of-job sickness 6-month leave for more than 7 years of service, 3-month leave for less than 7 years of service (one extension each)
    Parental Leave 1 year (Infant within 1 year of birth)
    Personal leave Period approved by the company
    Business disaster leave
    Non-business disaster leave
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